25GE and 100GE


Data Centre and Enterprise campus networks are facing an imminent need to support ever-increasing bandwidth demand. They need to support the rapid growth of powerful endpoints that can deliver richer content such as HD video and wireless access points that deliver advanced wireless connectivity technologies such as 802.11ax.

To support the increase in connected devices and high data volumes moving toward the cloud, enterprises are looking for ways to minimise infrastructure upgrades that require substantial installation costs, time, and disruption to the physical infrastructure. Until recently, campus migrations have been from 1G to 10G to 40G. While 1G and 10G still represent a significant share of the enterprise market’s Ethernet ports, a transition to 25G and to 100G for large and high-end enterprises is expected to happen more quickly than the previous transition to 10G. Furthermore, support for 25G adapters that can also run at 10G with existing fibre cabling can help accelerate that migration, providing opportunities to migrate to a 100G switch infrastructure while supporting significant investment protection.

gbics has been pioneering several initiatives to bring new Ethernet technologies to market.
These include gbics Multi-Vendor 25GBASE SFP28, gbics Multi-Vendor 100GBASE QSFP28, and more importantly, dual-rate optics.

These innovations enable flexible options and backward compatibility to drive network speeds beyond the current 10G and 40G capabilities while minimising cost and real estate changes. With a Multi-Vendor capability, gbics’ 25/100G Transceiver/AOC/DAC portfolio can help forward-thinking enterprises that wish to build a network infrastructure that offers flexibility and scale.


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Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales